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1 Ostatnio edytowany przez Mama Emigrantka (2017-10-08 09:06:57)

Temat: troche poezji po angielsku

hotel idioms

scream with me
until we hit the roof
the broken ceiling of our desire
scream with me
when I am in the tight corner
of your thighs
enlaced in your scent
scream with me
at the top of your voice
wipe the floor with me
in the name of these walls
full of my right
to scream and love
my elbow room

In a hotel room

In a hotel room
I turn my life
like the bedclothes inside out
on the sheet
there are stains
of your
common sense
lights of the digits of the alarm clock
—  there is still little
conscience left
at the bottom of the glass
we’ll lean over backwards
but we’ll drink it
from translating
body language
into a more human and understandable one.

                            [for P.M., 07.05.2005]
I pop in to you
like a bat out of hell
with a flash in the pan
still hot
to play with your fire
to simmer
your patience
on a low heat
you burst into flames
for the petrol
of my fantasies.

the beauty is

not to be left

not to be let out
like an old hamster into the grass
to the joy
of the cats under the balconies

the beauty is

to hold you
under its thumb
with the glue of memory

here and now
not in Australia

and while looking
at the tufts
of tenement houses
in a napkin
of skyscrapers

to trust
once more.


in life you need to have courage
not to agree for everything

as it comes –
randomly –

like the white fart
of the plane
slicing the sky
into toasts to think of –

not to agree
for the sake of it
or the peace of mind –
they are both like remotes –
always handy
when you grab them

when they’re gone –
you can open
yourself wide
and bear.



I envy you, Madame

I envy you, Madame…

the stars are shining brightly

in the eyes of shop windows.

the silent urban mirrors,

in which my whisper reflects:

I envy you, Madame…

the muzzles of the balconies

are yawning, widely opened,

eating the words forgotten:

I envy you, Madame…

the shiny tales of lanterns

are lightening the flowers

of thoughts

nervously buzzing

the bees of people’s voices

are fleeting to the sun:

I envy you, Madame,

that you don’t envy anyone.



I will grow old
with dignity
of the days
counted to expiry dates

I will grow old
regardless of you
looking at the rain
limitations of the senses

a drop after a drop
on the contours of my body
assures me
it can’t be that bad
on the way

getting a few junctions
in the valleys of my skin
highways of the wrinkles
turning into atlas
might not be that bad

while still feeling
the orgasm
of the air
by the seagulls.

I didn’t sell myself to you
there was no such option
every morning
you couldn’t buy me
for some change
of your complexes
or the banknotes of threats

until the evening took me
into the tongs of back pain
I unclenched them anyway
with the next day

you need to know how to bend
not to allow
the vertebras of values
off your conscience
I know it
that’s why
I didn’t sell myself to you

you can leave yourself
your pieces of silver
of changeable appraisal
for gullible Judases
of multiple use
who are like
a cloth to wipe
the sweat of deeds
from your dry forehead

you won’t deceive me


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Odp: troche poezji po angielsku

Droga Mamo, dlaczego po angielsku, skoro nasz język nie mniej bogaty i piękny?
Niestety, angielskiego zaledwie liznęłam na półrocznym kursiku. W szkołach uczyłam się innych.

Odp: troche poezji po angielsku

Piegusku, wsadzilam troche postow z polska poezja tez- nie czytalas? :-).



Odp: troche poezji po angielsku

Poszukam smile


Odp: troche poezji po angielsku

Taka poezje to coś rewelacyjnego, uwielbiam tą sztukę smile

Być Fit... !

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